Where to Find Public and Project-Based Housing Programs (HUD Properties)

Public housing is low-rent housing for families, the elderly, and people with disabilities who have low incomes. Public housing in Iowa is often large multi-unit complexes but can also be single-family homes or small supportive housing arrangements (“group home” style).  The property owner may be a single landlord, or a for-profit or nonprofit corporation. Owners work with the local PHA (Public Housing Authority).

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gives federal aid to PHAs to develop and manage public housing. People apply for public housing at the local PHA. If eligible, they pay about 30 percent of their income for rent.


Find and apply for public housing through the Local Public Housing Authority.


Get more help from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by visiting their website or by mail:

HUD Des Moines Field Office

210 Walnut Street

Room 937

Des Moines, IA 50309-2155

Phone: (515) 284-4512

Email: IA_Webmanager@hud.gov

Online: Website


Use the HUD Resource Locator interactive map to find local public housing properties:

  • A menu of options will pop-up.
  • First, select the “Find Affordable Elderly and Special Needs Housing” icon. 
  • Next, zoom in on the map to find nearby public housing.
  • Public housing options will populate the map with orange icons. 
  • Click the icons for more information.

To find rural properties developed through the USDA:

  • Click on the “Home” icon near the top of the page. 
  • From the menu of options, select “Find Affordable Housing Near Me.” 
  • USDA Rural Housing options will populate the map with green icons. 
  • Click the icons for more information.


Get in touch directly with the landlord or property manager to ask about availability.