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Image of front page of Iowa Compass Rack card. Features the Iowa Compass logo, a collage of images of people who Iowa Compass services, the Iowa Compass mission statement and University of Iowa Health Care logo.

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Website Reporting

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Real-time data from Iowa Compass website users

Image of Mike Lightbody from his shoulders up. Mike has short brown hair and wears glasses. He is wearing a light grey shirt and red tie.

Michael Lightbody

Image of Ann Busta

Ann Busta
Resource Database Manager

Image of Meredith Field from the shoulders up. Meredith has strawberry blonde hair and wears glasses. She is wearing a deep cobalt blue and black sweater.

Meredith Field

UCEDD Information Dissemination Manager

Image of Chelsey Scanlan from her shoulders up. She has long brown hair and is wearing a black jacket with a gold blouse.

Chelsey Scanlan

Community Resource Specialist