Get a list of providers for the entire state

The links below can help you find providers across Iowa.  Each link includes a description of the service and a list of service providers. The list is arranged alphabetically by the city where the providers are located.


o   Adult Day Programs


o   Consumer Directed Attendant Care (skilled) or In-Home Nursing


o   Consumer Directed Attendant Care (unskilled) or Personal Care


o  Day Hab Programs – Chronic Mental Illness  or Day Habilitation for Adults with Chronic Mental Illness


o   Day Hab Programs – Developmental Disabilities  or Development Disabilities Day Habilitation Programs


o   Hourly-Based Supported Community Living or Supported Living Services


o   Intermediate Care Facilities or Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities


o   Residential Care Facilities or Group Residences for Adults with Disabilities  


o   Residential Based Supported Community Living or Group Homes for Children and Youth with Disabilities


o   Site-Based Supported Community Living or Semi-Independent Living Services for Adults with Disabilities